PROJECT TITLE: EMLT-AI – Solution Proposal for Education-Job Mismatch Within European Region by Using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
PROJECT REFERENCE: 2021-1-TR01-KA220-YOU-000028888

The EMLT-AI project aims to reduce job dissatisfaction by narrowing mismatch between individuals and job characteristics using Artificial Intelligence. To this end, this project designed a series of processes of matching-mentoring-online. Job seekers who are connected to the EMLT-AI will be required to answer detailed questions before and after all online activities, which will result in the optimal career report derived through matching, receiving mentoring services and completing online courses.

The feedback data collected in this process is continuously fed to the algorithm to improve the accuracy of the system. In addition, data collected through a series of processes are used as major research data to confirm the improved outcomes of participants. The research will study step-by-step how the job seeker has become closer to a job that matches his or her expectation through this project. Consequently, we will see how effectively this project reduced the mismatch that is also the final goal.